PlaySys Software

We specialize in creating software for 3D computer graphics and digital entertainment, deeply understanding user needs because we are genuine users of our own tools.

different screenshots of the user interface of Real IES during the creation of a photometric light

Real IES

Real IES is a standalone software created in 2015 specifically for generating photometric files. Using our tool, you can effortlessly create custom *.ies files with just a few clicks: preview them, adjust parameters, and you're done. Real IES produces IES type-C files that are compatible with a diverse array of 3D rendering software, including but not limited to 3ds Max, V-Ray, Unreal Engine, KeyShot, Corona Renderer, Maxwell Render, and others.

user interface of real hdr while placing spot lights for the production of a hdr image to be used as lighting source

Real HDR

Real HDR is your definitive solution for effortlessly creating stunning HDR images that seamlessly integrate into your 3D workflow. Available on the market since 2018, this versatile software simplifies the process with two intuitive modes: PhotoBooth for creative product lighting and SkyLight for realistic architectural environments. No more hunting for suitable HDR maps—Real HDR empowers you to import your custom lighting scenarios directly into your preferred 3D software with ease.

realtime rendered images featuring raytracing reflections and glossy materials for 3d rendering

Real PBR

Real PBR is a rendering tool powered by real-time and ray tracing capabilities, designed to simplify the complexities of 3D rendering. Backed by a free licensing policy, Real PBR empowers users to utilize it in both commercial and non-commercial projects. While not open source, our team is deeply committed to community input, with a focus on crafting an accessible, user-friendly, and swift rendering solution.

image featuring a procedural sky with volumetric clouds to be used as hdr environment for ibl


HDR Sky is a specialized tool designed to craft high-quality, high-resolution HDR skies, available in both static and animated formats. Developed from the Real HDR SkyLight Module, HDR Sky caters specifically to outdoor scenarios for architectural visualizations, exporting your creations in EXR format seamlessly integrated into your 3D productions.

picture of easy orm software used to pack occlusion, roughness and metallic maps.

Easy ORM

Easy ORM (where ORM stands for Occlusion, Roughness, and Metalness) is a compact, lightweight, and intuitive tool crafted to generate optimized ORM maps for PBR rendering. Download the tool, link your textures, and Easy ORM will efficiently pack them into a format ready for use in your preferred rendering software. The maps created by Easy ORM encapsulate shading data in the RGB channels, effectively conserving disk and memory space for real-time rendering applications.

Direct Download for PC

picture of a screen with programming code

PlaySys Interaction Framework

PlaySys Interaction Framework, the core pillar of interactive projects developed by PlaySys since 2007, represents the company's foundational effort and innovation hub. It comprises an internal suite of tools continuously refined since its inception, enhancing project efficiency by integrating modules for backend operations, graphics, sound, and interactive elements. In essence, PlaySys Interaction Framework serves as an indispensable in-house development resource, centralizing versatile instruments tailored to meet the varied demands of everyday software development tasks.

user interface of the fattura elettronica software for electronic invoicing in Italy

Fattura Elettronica

This productivity software has been exclusively developed for internal use. Its presence here aims to attract your interest in custom tools tailored by PlaySys for automating specific processes within your business activities.

showcase of multiple user interfaces of various software and plugins

Other Tools

Over the years, we've created a variety of customized utilities, plugins, mobile applications, platforms, macros, and automation scripts. Notably, our offerings include SISU Render for 3dsMax, V-Ray, MentalRay, Maxwell Render, and PlaySys UV Painter for 3dsMax and Unity Engine, among others.