Real IES

Real IES is the standalone software developed in 2015 for photometric file creation. With our tool, you can create your custom *.ies file easily and in few clicks: see the preview, change the parameters, and it’s done. Real IES generates IES type-C files compatible with a wide range of 3D rendering software, both offline and real-time such as 3ds Max, V-Ray, Unreal Engine, KeyShot, Corona Renderer, Maxwell Render and many more.

Real HDR

Real HDR is the easiest way to create high quality and high resolution HDR images for your 3D productions. Download the program, build your lighting scenario and import it in you favorite 3D software.

Real PBR

Real PBR is our new internal real-time rendering tool, that supports real-time raytracing and various features for 3D artists involved in video game development and rendering for architecture and design.


HDR Sky is a tool for creating high quality and high-resolution HDR skies, both static and animated, and exporting them as EXR format for your arch-viz 3D productions. Based on Real HDR SkyLight Module, HDR Sky is created specifically for outdoor scenarios for architectural visualizations.

PlaySys Interaction Framework

PlaySys Interaction Framework is the core pillar of any interactive project developed by PlaySys since 2007. PlaySys Interaction Framework represents the main effort of our company from which any idea starts and develops.

user interface of the fattura elettronica software for electronic invoicing in Italy

Fattura Elettronica

This is a productivity software developed and used for internal purposes only. It is displayed here with the purpose of solecitating your interest for ad-hoc tools, developed by playsys for automatinc specific processes of your business activity.

showcase of multiple user interfaces of various software and plugins

Other Tools

During the years we developed different ad-hoc utilities, plugins, mobile applications and platforms, macros and automation scripts. Among the most popular there are SISU Render for 3dsMax, V-Ray, MentalRay, Maxwell Render and PlaySys UV Painter for 3dsMax and Unity Engine.