PlaySys is the software development agency specialised in 3D and rendering tools

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About PlaySys Software

We are a software development company, based in the center of Milan, Italy since 2007. After almost 20 years of activity we specialised in the development of software and tools to support 3D, CGI and VFX artists in their creations. The creation of our tools starts from our own necessities, to provide richer interactive and immersive experiences and, when we consider our tools mature enough, we open the to the market. Our worldwide customers are of the most diverse company size, from freelancers to corporate.

Computer Graphics

Real IES

The swiss army knife of photometric lighting for 3D artists who need a very customisable bright source, despite if it exists or not.


Real PBR

Our latest internal tool used in real-time ray tracing needs. Designed and developed on our specific daily production workflow.

Game Development Tools

PlaySys Interaction Framework

The most ambitious and detailed project, that we are constantly developing and expanding since the very first days of PlaySys.

snapshot of user interface of a photometric software
Real IES
Photometric Lighting
user interface of real pbr software for rendering
Real PBR
3D Rendering Tool
close up photo of programming language on a computer monitor
PlaySys Interaction Framework